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Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors

Whether you need a minor metal roof repair or need a completely new metal roof, our team at Damschroder roofing is the top commercial metal roofing contractor serving Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Michigan. We have the knowledge and the tools to handle all of your metal roofing and roof repair needs. The process will be easy and straight forward. Our roofing contractors are trained to install many types of metal roofs, and will do so with the highest quality of work.

Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal roofing offers many advantages for commercial buildings. Advantages include:

  • Fire resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficiency

Metal is resistant to fire, and different types of metal are either more or less fire-resistant. Metal is stronger than wood and many other roofing materials, so it can stand up to strong wind gusts and heavy snow better than other roof types. Repairing a metal roof is easy and does not involve the tear-off and disposal expenses associated with remove and replace options. In fact, many metal roofs do not need to be heavily maintained for nearly 50 years. Since metal also provides better insulation, you will save energy running heaters and air conditioners for your business. Metal roofs can save business owners up to 40 percent on energy efficiency costs.

Damschroder Metal Roofing Services

Our metal roofing services at Damschroder Roofing, Inc. are:

  • Metal Roof Installation
  • Metal Roof Maintenance
  • Metal Roof Replacement
  • Metal Roof Coating

Metal Roof Installation

We offer many types of metal roofs that can be installed on commercial buildings. Types of metal used in commercial roofing include aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, and tin. Steel and aluminum are the most popular choice among flat roof contractors for metal roof installation because it holds up the best to fire and inclement weather.

Metal Roof Maintenance

In order to keep your metal roof in good condition, you will need to perform maintenance every now and then. As mentioned earlier, metal roofs don’t require much maintenance. However, you should still have roofing contractors visit to check for leaks from time to time. An unchecked leak in a metal roof can cause significant damage to your roof and building.

Signs of a leaky roof include water stains on the ceiling, water dripping from the ceiling, puddles on the floor of your building, and water damage to appliances, the floor, or the ceiling.

Our metal roofing contractors will be able to locate the source of a leak and repair the damages. We will also check for other signs of wear and damage and suggest how to go about repairing those issues.

Metal Roof Replacement

Our metal roofing contractors can prepare your existing roof for a metal roof replacement and replace your existing roof for you. Using our services ensures your current roof is removed and replaced correctly.

Metal Roof Coating

When your metal roof starts to show signs of aging, Damschroder Roofing can come to your commercial building to apply a metal roof coating. The coating used will contain materials that prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Need a Metal Roofing Service?

If you’re looking to add a metal roof, or need any metal roofing service, Damschroder Roofing, Inc. is here for you. We have plenty of experience installing commercial metal roofs and are a full-service roofing contractor in the commercial roofing industry. We have many different metal roof styles to choose from and have been in the business for four decades. Don’t wait! Contact us today for more information!

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